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Refund Policy:

We believe to serve our customers and customer satisfaction is what we aim for. Cash app supports the refund policy when a user is intended to make a payment and it gets failed due to some technical or banking error.

The user of the cash app can request for the refund in the following situations:

  1. The user faced error in making a transaction and the payment doesn't get completed and the amount also deducted from the account.
  2. The amount has not been received by the user.
Check if the transaction made by you is in Frozen state or not?

Whenever you are trying to make a payment or sending funds to any of your friends or family member and you are facing some server or internet issues, then you must halt your process and check your balance. If the amount has not been debited from your bank account then you should wait for some time and try the process after some period of time.

How much time required to receive the refund from the cash app

Whenever a user faces transaction issues and raises the request for a refund, then the team of cash app will review your request and then the process will be initiated. The process of refund generally takes a period of 2-7 working days in order to get processed. After this, the request is forwarded to the issuing bank and they may take another 3-6 business days to send the money to the account of the user. The complete process to send the money may be stretched up to 2 weeks and then the user will receive his money back.

What if the Payment is made to a wrong account

Generally, the user face the trouble of sending the money to the wrong person and then requests for a refund in that situation. However, the team of cash app doesn't take guarantee that any refund will be made in the situation. However, a request will be made to the user who has received the funds by mistake, but it will be his choice to revert back to it.